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Compare PLA Plus and PETG filament to identify which filament is superior.

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Nicholebraxy, Jul 5, 2024.

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    Ender 3 New printing machine and Easy-to-Use Alterations for Novices
    The Ender 3 Neo printing machine is already acknowledged for its user-friendly design and trustworthy functioning directly out of the box. However, for neophytes searching to enhance their reproduction experience, there are several straightforward modifications that can be implemented to the Ender 3 Neo. One popular upgrade is fitting a firmer bed spring to boost bed equalization stability and reduce the need for frequent adjustments. Further, adding a glass or magnetic build surface can supply more effective adhesiveness and softer print completions. Upgrading the extruder to a twofold design can Furthermore improve wire feeding and lessen the chance of jams. With these simple alterations, novices can swiftly enhance the usefulness and print excellent of their Ender 3 Neo printers without demanding extreme-level technical skills.

    Mega E3D V5/V6 Volcano Heater Block

    Discover ways to maintain your filaments in optimal condition to ensure optimal print performance. ba1d3eb

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