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What is BHT Token?

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Wall-E, May 1, 2024.

  1. Wall-E

    Wall-E New Member

    What is BHT Token?

    BHT is the currency that will be deployed for use on the Bithunters forum and websites in our network as a utility token to enable features for users such as activating members, upgrading members, posting articles. writing, reading article content, creating ads, access to VIP areas, pushing articles to the top... and many other features expected to be used later.

    Symbol: BHT

    Total supply: 100,000,000,000,000 BHT

    Explorer: BHT Token

    BUY: Uniswap

    Buy: 0%

    Sell: 5%

    How to earn BHT Token?

    To develop the community, BHT will be distributed through the program of writing articles on the Bithunters forum and introducing members to the forum as well as partner websites.

    Register here: BITHUNTERS.ORG

    With article writing program:

    When you post on the forum, for every Google search on your post, you will receive 1 BHT token. The maximum amount of BHT that can be received per topic is 10,000 BHT and may change in the future.

    With the member referral program:

    Introduce 1 member to join the forum and activate your official account, you will receive 1000 BHT

    What purpose is BHT used for?

    In the future, BHT will be used for the following purposes:

    1. Upgrade membership:

    Members use BHT to activate their account and have the right to write articles to make money here.

    2. Read the article content:

    For example:

    You must pay 100 BHT for the right to read this content.

    3. Advertising payment:

    Members use BHT to pay for advertising activities on the Bithunters forum

    4. More investment opportunities:

    The Bithunters investment fund will be deployed in the future, members holding BHT tokens will have the right to pre-purchase exclusively at private sale prices in projects that the fund invests in.
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